Tanger-Med Port: Import-export operations digitalized for better performance & service

The import and export processing of containers and trucks at the Tanger-Med port has been fully digitalized starting this Nov.15 to ensure a better service to traders and businessmen.

All administrative processing formalities can be made online and electronically through “Tanger Med Port Community System” which is accessible via smartphones, tablets and computers, and already offering a range of operational services such as traceability of freight units, remote billing and online payment.

During its test phase in 2021, Tanger Med supported several operators who took part in the initial digitalization process to help them manage all their formalities online.

Tanger Med will continue to provide support to all operators wishing to benefit from this new service, through training sessions and local support to succeed this transition phase.

The digitization of the import and export process speeds up administrative operations, guarantees a high level of security for good flows and meets the customers’ expectations in logistics competitiveness.

Tanger-Med is the leading African and Mediterranean industrial port complex and a global logistics gateway located on the Strait of Gibraltar.


The port is connected to more than 180 ports worldwide and offers handling capacities of 9 million containers, exports of 1 million new vehicles, transit of 7 million passengers and 700,000 trucks on an annual basis.


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