Is Morocco mulling third Covid-19 vaccine dose?

Is Morocco mulling third Covid-19 vaccine dose?

Morocco is considering giving a third Covid-19 vaccine dose to vulnerable groups following the example of numerous advanced nations that took the same step to reinforce its collective immunity.

Moroccan media, citing sources from the scientific committee, said that a third dose in sight for the elderly and people with underlying health conditions.

The move comes as Morocco nears the vaccination target of 55% of its total population by month’s end.

Morocco has started administering doses to pupils aged 12-17 years old in order to reinforce herd immunity after acquiring enough Pfizer vaccines.

So far, 19.4 million Moroccans received the first dose and 15.8 million received the second dose of Astrazeneca or Sinopharm. Some 300,000 people were administered Johnson and Johson jabs as Morocco diversifies vaccine suppliers.

Morocco’s Sothema has also signed a deal with Sinopharm to produce Covid-19 vaccines locally, in a move that would benefit Africa.

Meanwhile, the rate of infections and daily Covid-19 deaths have decreased significantly after the summer spike due in part to higher mobility.

Morocco has also imposed price caps on Covid tests following exorbitant prices imposed by some laboratories.


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