Forest Fires: Algerian Army on the offensive again against Morocco

Forest Fires: Algerian Army on the offensive again against Morocco

The monthly “El Djeich” magazine, the mouthpiece of the Algerian ruling military junta, joined other authorities to adamantly designate Morocco and Israel as responsible for the forest fires which ravaged Kabylie. The delirium and ridicule of Algerian generals is now casting a shadow over the North Korean regime’s, analysts ironize.

In the editorial of its September 2021 edition, the monthly review El Djeich spells out what it calls “the implication of the (Moroccan) Makhzen, in one way or another, in this heinous and unforgivable crime, in view of Morocco’s strong and proven link with two terrorist organizations, in the series of aggressions and hostile acts that it has carried out since the independence of our country…”

By terrorist organizations, the monthly was hinting to the Movement for the independence of Kabylie (known by its French acronym MAK) and Rachad.

Wildfires have been raging in many countries around the Mediterranean sea as part of the ongoing climate crisis, but Algeria’s rulers claim that domestic fires are part of a vast conspiracy, involving Morocco and Israel.

The monthly magazine, instead of presenting evidence to back its allegations on Morocco’s “implication” in the forest fires indulged in a paranoid delirium that rather unveiled that Algerian leaders have serious mental issues.

In another article, El Djeich magazine underlines what it calls a “very significant coincidence” of the wildfires with the visit to Morocco of the Israeli Foreign Minister. It explains that the Algerian regime’s rapprochement with Iran and its opposition to Israel’s membership as an observer member of the African Union have resulted in targeting Algeria through the fires.

“The most convincing hypothesis is that the plan to burn Algeria is fomented from outside, with the blessing of Tel Aviv and Rabat, and carried out by the two terrorist movements, MAK and Rachad, as well as their henchmen from inside the country,” asserts the monthly magazine, which sets the course for Algeria’s major orientations, both at the international and domestic levels, since it is the mouthpiece of the masters of the country: the generals.

On August 18, Algeria’s High Council of Security accused Morocco of having a hand in the forest fires.

The country’s presidency then issued a statement saying it was considering cutting diplomatic ties with Morocco, a plan it materialized on August 24, when Foreign Ministry Ramtane Lamamra announced his country’s decision to sever ties with its western neighbor, citing unverified “facts” about a Moroccan-Israeli conspiracy against Algeria.

In response, Morocco’s Foreign Ministry rejected the Algerian government’s decision as “unilateral and unjustified”, based on “fallacious” and “absurd” pretexts.

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