Algeria deepens its self-isolation by cutting diplomatic ties with Morocco

Algeria deepens its self-isolation by cutting diplomatic ties with Morocco

Mired in conspiracy theories that hit an absurd level, Algeria has cut diplomatic ties with its only stable and prosperous neighbor, Morocco, further complicating its self-isolation in the region and the continent.

The Algerian foreign minister Ramtane Lamamra ascribed in a diatribe all the woes and self-inflicted problems facing Algeria to Morocco, blaming the Kingdom of supporting two opposition groups, the Kabylie independence movement MAK and Rachad pro-democracy movement.

In his diatribe against Morocco, Lamamra used a rhetoric imbued with victimization evoking what he described as Moroccan attacks since his country’s independence to the recent wildfires that ravaged Northern Algeria.

Morocco’s foreign ministry deplored the Algerian decision which it described as “unjustified” and based on “fallacious” and “absurd” pretexts.

The Algerian escalation came in total disregard for all Moroccan show of good intentions and neighborliness gestures including the recent call by the King to open borders and open a bilateral dialogue to improve relations as well as his offer to send two Canadair firefighters to help Algeria with fires.

Lamaamra’s statement was keen to diabolize Morocco and portray it as an enemy in a failed bid to export an endemic domestic crisis whose origin can only be found in the failure of the military junta to guarantee a dignified and prosperous life for the Algerian people.

Beset by an endemic economic crisis, Algeria seeks a scapegoat. By pinning all its failures on Morocco, Algeria portrays itself as a weak state embroiled in endless conspiracy theories.

As it continues squandering its oil and gas wealth on Russian weapons, Algeria failed to contain fires which took the lives of more than 100 people.

Subsidized bread has become a rare commodity in the country together with vital goods such as drinking water in a country where people are getting used to queue for everything amid high inflation and youth unemployment. Severing ties with Morocco will not help solve this.

After rejecting Morocco’s calls for working together to build a stronger Maghreb, Algeria has further entrenched its regional isolation as its voice becomes inaudible in the region and in Africa.

The return of Morocco to the African Union has pulled the rug from under the Algerian feet. Algiers military rulers have also suffered a painful blow as they see African and Arab countries one after the other open consulates in Morocco’s Sahara. The final blow was dealt to the puppet of the Algerian regime, President Tebboune, with the US recognition of Morocco’s territorial integrity.

Internationally, Algeria is the only country on earth who considers two peaceful political movements, MAK and Rachad, as “terrorist”. The leaders of the two groups are actually based in France, the UK and Switzerland as well as other EU countries.

By singling out Morocco to pin all its self-inflicted troubles without offering evidence, Algeria is only fooling itself. The real aggressor in the Maghreb region is actually Algeria which has been hosting, arming and backing diplomatically an armed group that declared war on Morocco.

But Morocco makes the distinction between the Algerian people and a military junta which held the fate of the Maghreb peoples and regional integration hostage. Morocco will remain a “credible and faithful partner for the Algerian people,” and will continue “to act, with wisdom and responsibility, for the development of healthy and fruitful inter-Maghreb relations,” the Moroccan foreign ministry said.

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