Brazilian researchers to benefit from Morocco’s solar energy technology

Green Energy Park (GEP), an international research platform and training in solar energy located in the green city of BenGuerir, has inked a deal with Inesc P&D Brasil, a private Brazilian technology and scientific institute, for technology transfer.

Per the agreement, the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce said, Morocco will share its technology in terms of car battery chargers.

The agreement, according to Vladimiro Miranda, chairman of the Brazilian entity, is not the first partnership with the kingdom of Morocco.

During the pandemic, Inesc P&D Brasil collaborated with some Moroccan and Portuguese researchers on “vita pneuma”, a device used in case of covid-19 emergencies.

The tripartite cooperation consisted in exchanging information and developing local products, responding to the specificities of each country, he also indicated. Green Energy Park, according to its own website, is a solar energy testing, research and training platform, developed by the Institute of Research in Solar Energy and New Energies (IRESEN) with the support of the Ministry of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment and the OCP Group.

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