Morocco re-imposes restrictive measures following surge in COVID-19 cases

Morocco re-imposes restrictive measures following surge in COVID-19 cases

The Moroccan government has decided to tighten or re-impose a number of restrictive measures, starting Friday, July 23, following the surge of COVID-19 cases recorded these past days.

Under the measures, taken in accordance with the recommendations of the Technical and Scientific Committee in view of the increasing number of contaminations and deaths recorded in recent days, the night curfew from 11 p.m. to 4:30 a.m. will be maintained, with the exception for people working in vital sectors and essential activities and those in need of urgent medical care, a government press release said on Monday.

The government also decided to reinforce restrictions on intercity travel unless travelers present a vaccination certificate or an administrative travel authorization issued by the competent territorial authorities.

Parties and weddings are banned and only a maximum of 10 people are allowed to be present at funeral ceremonies.

Under the new decision, restaurants, cafes, theaters, swimming pools, public transportation, and other public venues must operate at 50 percent of their capacity, the statement emphasized, adding that gatherings and activities in open spaces must not exceed 50 people, otherwise a special permit from local authorities is required.

The government made it clear that the threat of the pandemic “still exists and continues unabated, especially with the emergence of new strains” in Morocco.
It noted that the current situation requires strict compliance with all the guidelines of the public authorities and of all the preventive measures adopted by the health authorities, including physical distancing, hygiene rules and the compulsory wearing of a mask in order to preserve the important achievements made by Morocco in its fight against the pandemic.

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