Lebanon spells out clear-cut stand in support of Morocco’s territorial integrity

Lebanon reaffirmed its steady position in support of Morocco’s territorial integrity and sovereignty over the Sahara, Lebanese foreign and defense minister, Zeina Acar said.

Acar said her country does not recognize any separatist entity in southern Morocco making the position of her country clear once and for all.

The remarks were made during talks with foreign minister Nasser Bourita. The Lebanese official voiced gratitude to Morocco for its lofty gestures in support of the Lebanese people.

Morocco had sent aid to Lebanon following Beirut blast and set up a military field hospital that offered surgeries and treatment to tens of thousands of Lebanese citizens without discrimination.

Bourita, for his part, said Morocco was ready to help Lebanon economically and politically to safeguard its unity and stay at bay from foreign interferences in a difficult regional context.

Morocco hopes that all the constituents of Lebanon will come to terms in order to form a government of national unity, said Bourita.

During the same talks, Morocco agreed to increase the number of scholarships granted to Lebanese students from 5 to 15. The two parties also agreed to simplify visa procedures.

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