More than 1 million African farmers benefited from OCP programs

More than 1 million African farmers benefited from OCP programs

Morocco’s phosphates and fertilizer producer OCP has over the last 6 years launched a program aiming at bringing customized fertilizers closer to the African market with fair prices and has rolled out training programs on best practices to improve output benefiting so far 1 million African farmers.

The goal was to support the African farmer through all the stages of the supply chain through services including sustainable farming practices in addition to insurance and financial facilities, OCP said in a statement on occasion of the Africa Day celebrated this week.

OCP Africa has 12 representations across the continent, mostly in West Africa. These focus on the missions of fertilizations and soil productivity as well as research and development.

The group has also set up schools to train farmers. Known as OCP School Labs, these are school caravans that offer African farmers training courses to improve soil productivity and sustainability. Over 420,000 benefited from these courses so far.

Morocco’s phosphates and fertilizers producer OCP posted a 4% increase in its revenues in 2020 to 56.2 billion dirhams as volumes offset a drop in prices.

Besides working directly with the African farmer, the OCP is building fertilizer plants in Ethiopia and Nigeria and fertilizer blenders in different countries across the continent.

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