Algeria set to ban peaceful pro-democracy protests

Algeria set to ban peaceful pro-democracy protests

The aging military regime in Algeria is set to quell the pro-democracy Hirak protests using force after it failed to tame the streets using false promises and conspiracy theories.

Few days after threatening to deploy the army in the streets, the interior ministry warned that it will prevent any protests that do not have authorization, in a move that shows the state of disarray within a military junta ruling behind a civilian curtain.

Lacking persuading responses to address the grievances of Algerians, offer jobs, and increase wages, the Algerian government has muzzled the press sending critical reporters to jail and used excessive force against protesters.

The regime’s tolerance for dissent has come to an end as it continues dismissing anyone who doesn’t agree with its failed policies as a traitor serving foreign entities.

Three days ago, Amnesty International called on Algeria to halt police violence against peaceful protesters demanding a clean break with the corrupt military regime that has confiscated power since Algeria’s independence.

The military junta is now tightening its authoritarian rule on fear waving the stick against protesters while exaggerating its recourse to conspiracy theories, drawing derision.

As it heads straight to bankruptcy shunning foreign debt while printing money and worsening inflation, Algeria ordered its private and public sector to terminate contracts with Moroccan companies and other “hostile” nations, in an expression of self-isolation.

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