Tindouf camps grapple with catastrophic coronavirus surge

Tindouf camps grapple with catastrophic coronavirus surge

The Algerian and Polisario militias have imposed a total blackout on the disastrous Covid-19 outbreak among those held against their will in Tindouf camps.

After he tested positive for Covid-19, Polisario leader Ibrahim Ghali was rushed to Spain using an Algerian passport and a fake name while the thousands of Sahraouis held in the camps are left to face their own fate.

Algeria has forsaken the camps to the ruthless rule of the Polisario warmongers. Algeria in fact has nothing to offer as it struggles with a crumbling health system unable to treat its own President who had to fly to Germany for months to receive treatment.

Moroccan media have alerted on multiple occasions to the unbearable living conditions in the camps in the Algerian territory. The Covid-19 outbreak in Tindouf was on top of the agenda of a recent UN Security Council briefing.

The pandemic has also forced many Sahraouis in the camps to escape to Mauritania to avoid contagion.


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