Morocco’s OCP maintenance solutions partners with Canadian Nucléom

Morocco’s OCP maintenance solutions partners with Canadian Nucléom

The OCP Group continues to strengthen its skills in the most specialized fields. Another important step has just been taken with the signing of an agreement between OCP Maintenance Solutions and the Canadian company Nucléom, a world leader in high-level industrial inspections.


Thus, the subsidiary of the OCP Group specializing in predictive maintenance and industrial digitization has once again entered into a one-year partnership with the Canadian firm Nucléom specializing in the control of industrial structures.

This collaboration will allow both parties to further develop their services for international markets, particularly in the aeronautics, mining, and oil and gas sectors, OCP said in a press release.


Through this one-year partnership, the two companies will collaborate to respond to the needs of different global markets in terms of certifications and industrial maintenance.

“This partnership will allow us to offer the Moroccan and, more widely, the African ecosystem, services of industrial expertise and the market’s most competitive high-level certification training,” said Abdenour Jbili, Managing Director of OCP MS.

“We hope to expand our activities and open up to the African market. We naturally approached OCP MS, which represents for us a valued partner and a model in terms of adapted digitalization services as well as professional training,” said Mathieu Beauchesne Ing, VP Operations at Nucleom.

Fruit of collective intelligence efforts, OCP-Maintenance Solutions (OCP-MS), set up in 2017, develops several “Made in Morocco” solutions and has a training center called OCP MS Academy, which provides certifications and innovative training to operators.

The OCP subsidiary has developed considerable knowledge and expertise in industrial maintenance, particularly in the provision of services such as advanced NDT services, business training, and digitalization services adapted for maintenance 4.0.

Nucléom is a world leader in advanced non-destructive testing (NDT) services and solutions. These help determine what must be repaired or modified in structures or materials without degrading them for safer, more productive, and more profitable industrial installations.


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