Morocco’s vaccination program is exemplary – The Daily Mail

Morocco’s vaccination program is exemplary – The Daily Mail

The success of the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 in Morocco continues to raise admiration around the world, where many media have lavishly commented on the progress of this operation, which made it possible to vaccinate 4.3 million people since its launch on Jan.28 by King Mohammed VI. And so far, over 3.3 million have received the second jab.


In this vein, British paper The Daily Mail published Friday a long article by journalist Glenys Roberts, entitled “Raise a cheer for Tangier: Morocco’s vaccination program is exemplary”.


The journalist started her story by telling how she has been locked down in Morocco for more than a year and how, she said, “the Moroccans have been wonderful hosts, even down to giving me both my AstraZeneca jabs for free and a Covid passport.”


The journalist surveying the measures deployed by Morocco to fight the spread of the virus said “Morocco has had a good Covid.”


“By restricting flights and closing down individual towns except to emergency travel, it has been able to open up local economies, albeit with a 9pm curfew. Schools and shops have long been open. Restaurants and bars are buzzing despite social distancing,” she wrote, noting that lately these places have welcomed those overseas visitors still allowed to leave home with a negative Covid test and a hotel booking.


“And now they are predicting the whole country will have been vaccinated by the summer, in time for the tourist season proper,” the author of the article wrote, asserting that “the country must be one of the safest for a holiday — and one of the most accessible spots is right here in Tangier,” the city which has the luxury of two seas, the Atlantic to the west and the Mediterranean to the east.

Morocco in general and Tangier in particular have not been mentioned much by way of a safe holiday destination once travel is allowed, but its Covid record suggests it is likely to be a better bet than Europe this year, she pointed out.

Touching on the thriving infrastructure projects in the Kingdom, she said “there has been huge investment in wind farms and solar energy. New motorways and railways have made it accessible from the sea to the Sahara. There is now a high-speed train between Tangier and Casablanca and lately even promise of a ferry soon to be inaugurated between the big new Tanger-Med port some 30 miles east of the city and Poole in Dorset.”


For the journalist, “This is a country with a future.”

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