Foreign residents in Morocco inoculated on similar footing as nationals

Foreign residents in Morocco inoculated on similar footing as nationals

Thousands of foreign residents have benefited from Morocco’s free coronavirus vaccination campaign which kicked off on January 28.

King Mohammed VI had ordered that the campaign be open to Moroccans and foreign residents in the country in a bid to achieve collective immunity as soon as possible.

President of the association of French nationals in Morocco, Frederic Bauer, lauded Morocco for its efforts to roll out the vaccination campaign for all and thanked authorities for the smooth and orderly organization.

Speaking to national media, he said authority agents had knocked on doors of foreign residents to invite them to take doses in line with the targeted categories.

Morocco had ordered 66 million doses enough to inoculate 33 million people and has so far received 8.5 million jabs of AstraZeneca and Sinopharm vaccines.

The country so far has vaccinated nearly 12% of its population as it continues to negotiate deals with vaccine developers, such as Russia’s Sputnik, to ensure steady supply.


Prior to the vaccination phase, Morocco has had a successful pandemic management Bauer said, adding “Moroccans should feel proud of their country.”

Morocco has given a first jab to over 4.1 million people while over 900,000 people received the second dose.

The World Health Organization office in Rabat has congratulated Morocco on being among 10 countries that successfully conducted the vaccination campaign.


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