Morocco Cooperates with International Community in Crime Prevention & Criminal justice

Morocco Cooperates with International Community in Crime Prevention & Criminal justice

Morocco’s Justice Minister Mohamed Ben Abdelkader has underlined the kingdom’s strong cooperation ties with the international community in the fight against transnational crimes which threaten world peace and stability.

Addressing remotely the 14th UN Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, held in Kyoto (Japan) March 7-12, the minister reiterated Morocco’s call for strengthening the missions of international and UN organizations working in criminal justice and crime prevention.

He also shed light on the sustained efforts made to enhance coordination between these specialized organizations, stressing the importance of stepping up regional and international cooperation in crime prevention to disrupt and dismantle criminal networks feeding on social discrepancies.

Mr. Ben Abdelkader commended the “Kyoto Declaration” signed by the participating countries to counter increasing threats related to organized crime.


Under the Kyoto Declaration, governments commit to concrete actions to advance responses addressing crime prevention, criminal justice, rule of law and international cooperation. Member States will take commitments forward at the 30th session of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ) scheduled to take place in Vienna in May.


The agenda of the 14th UN Crime Congress includes debates on comprehensive strategies for crime prevention by boosting social & economic development and by building effective, accountable, impartial and inclusive institutions, as well as means of fostering international cooperation to prevent and address all forms of crime, including terrorism in new emerging crimes.


Morocco was elected on Sunday as vice-president of the Congress, in the person of ambassador Azzeddine Farhane, the Kingdom’s permanent representative to international organizations in Vienna.


The election of Morocco to the vice-presidency of the UN congress is a recognition of the Kingdom’s substantial contribution to international efforts in the fight against terrorism under all its forms and manifestations as well as in crime prevention and criminal justice, the Moroccan embassy in Austria said in a press release.

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