Morocco wants a relationship of equals with the EU

Morocco wants a relationship of equals with the EU

The age of patronizing is bygone and Morocco has taken matters into its own hands by cutting all contacts with the German embassy in a hard worded message to some European parties that they cannot do business as usual while seeking to undermine Morocco’s territorial integrity.


A leaked foreign ministry document, confirmed to the media by Moroccan diplomats, asked all state ministries to halt all contact and cooperation with the German embassy as well as its aid and German political organizations.


The move was taken against the backdrop of what the document called “deep misunderstandings” but the underlying causes are to be found in Germany’s hostile stands to the US decision to recognize Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara.


Germany has went further with its officials giving comments that criticized Trump’s decision and called for convening a closed-door UN Security council on the Sahara issue.


Following the US support, Morocco has called on the EU to follow suit and adopt a bold position that will help break the deadlock in the Sahara issue.


The US has made it clear that Morocco’s autonomy proposal for the Sahara is the “only” solution to a conflict that has long lasted.

In sending such a strong message to German authorities, Morocco wants to send a message to many parties in the EU who want to dissociate economic partnerships from political cooperation.


Germany cannot aspire to have close ties with Morocco, including security ties, while stabbing the north African country in the back.


Rabat’s message through halting all ties with Germany’s embassy is that of Morocco’s willingness to reassess its relations with any state whatever its weight if it seeks to undermine its sovereignty over its southern provinces.

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