TunisAir to sign debt rescheduling agreement with Turkish airport operator TAV

Tunisia’s national carrier, TunisAir, will sign on March 05, a debt settlement agreement with the Civil Aviation and Airport Authority (OACA) and Turkish airport operator TAV Airports to which it owes several million euros, Webdo Tunis reports.


TunisAir and TAV Airports managing Enfidha-Hammamet and Monastir HAbib Bourguiba airports have found themselves in a conflict after the Turkish firm last month forged ahead to seize temporally the accounts of the carrier for the settlement of €8 million (TD29 million); portion of €20 million debt accrued since 2015, not including penalties.


The debt, according to Badreddine Gamoudi, President of administrative reforms and good governance commission, stands at TD400 million.


Both sides met last week with Tunisian minister of transports and logistics Moez Chakchouk to discuss the rescheduling of the debt.


TunisAir, faced with an acute financial crisis, currently operates only eight aircraft. It has been unable to pay salaries.

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