Moroccan University unveils Africa’s most powerful Supercomputing Center (ASCC)

Moroccan University unveils Africa’s most powerful Supercomputing Center (ASCC)

The Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) has inaugurated African SuperComputing Center (ASCC), a cutting-edge platform to accelerate and improve research in the kingdom and on the continent.

ASCC, the largest Supercomputing Infrastructure in Africa, will provide High-performance Computing (HPC) services.

Based on the latest technologies in the HPC world, ASCC can deliver a performance of 3.15 PF, UM6P website notes. With the platform, researchers in the North African country and the rest of Africa will overcome challenges in both academia and industry.

ASCC contains over 69000 CPU cores, over 8000 terabytes of storage, and more than 1300 servers for its networking capabilities and will provides resources for vital research in Africa in topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Genomics, Food Security, Agriculture and Mining.

UM6P sets up the center in partnership with experts from the University of Cambridge, Dell Technologies and Intel.

Morocco now ranks 26th in the world for possessing the high-performance center that will also help guarantee the digital sovereignty of the Kingdom and to develop new hundred per cent Moroccan digital services.

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