Russian news agency debunks Polisario propaganda

Russian news agency debunks Polisario propaganda

Russian news agency RIA FAN uncovered the fallacies propagated by the Polisario and Algerian media regarding the Sahara, where Morocco has ended the conflict to its favor.

The RIA FAN story, signed by Vladimir Sharapov, underscores that the artificial conflict over the Sahara is “settled” in view of the growing international support for Morocco’s sovereignty over the territory.

Meanwhile, the Russian media laid bare Polisario propaganda speaking of an imaginary war in the Sahara, adding that such claims show how the Polisario desperately seeks attention.

It also noted the incapacity of the Algerian-backed separatist group to engage in direct confrontation with Morocco’s armed forces.

Diplomatically, Morocco has made inroads with the Sahara hosting diplomatic missions, the media said, highlighting the growing support of global powers for Morocco’s sovereignty over the territory and for its autonomy plan.

The international support for Morocco over the Sahara issue reflects the isolation of Algeria and its puppet the Polisario as well as their South African ally who are still rehashing old rhetoric reminiscent of a bygone cold-war era.


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