Algeria should assume consequences of its support for separatism in Morocco

Algeria should assume consequences of its support for separatism in Morocco

Moroccan Foreign Minister has uncovered the contradiction in the Algerian position regarding the Sahara issue, citing a hostile campaign by all state apparatus in Algeria in support of the Polisario while at the same time claiming to be an observing country.

Algeria has once again demonstrated that it is the real party to the Sahara dispute and should assume the consequences of its anti-Moroccan stands, Nasser Boutita told the press following the African Union summit.

Bourita deplored that the anti-Moroccan campaign led by the Algerian regime has instigated statements from the Algerian diplomacy, official media, the Algerian parliament, the army and has not spared mosques where diatribes against Morocco’s territorial integrity were delivered to the faithful.

“It seems that the Sahara issue has become a national cause in Algeria,” said the minister.

This anti-Moroccan campaign came in reaction to the diplomatic inroads made by Morocco starting with the opening of consulates and embassies in the Sahara, securing once and for all the Guerguarat border crossing with Mauritania, and the recognition of the US of Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara.

These Moroccan gains were perceived as setbacks in Algeria where an aging regime can be compared to the music band that kept playing while the titanic ship was sinking.

As Algeria heads straight to the abyss with dwindling international reserves, falling purchasing power, and the spectre of renewed Hirak protests, the Algerian army-led regime tries in vain to cultivate an anti-Moroccan cult going as far as portraying Rabat as the enemy at the gate in a bid to derail attention from the real problems facing Algerians.

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