Morocco invested over $791 Mln on Electricity & Water Projects in 2020

Morocco invested over $791 Mln on Electricity & Water Projects in 2020

Moroccan Electricity and Drinking Water Office (ONEE) invested last year more than $791 million, including $390 million injected in electricity projects and $401 million spent on water programs.

These figures have been unveiled by ONEE Director General Abderrahim El Hafidi during a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Office, held lately under the chairmanship of Head of Govt. Saad Eddine El Othmani.

Investments injected by the ONEE in 2020 made it possible to improve the electrification rate of the rural world to 99.78 % and the rate of drinking water supply to 97.8%.

In 2019, the ONEE paid out a total of $937 million, including $457 million used to supply several rural regions of the Kingdom with electricity and $480 million which served to expand drinking water and sewage networks.

The investments made in electricity have enabled the country to meet its growing energy needs, enhance electric power transmission & distribution and improve electricity access in rural areas, El Hafidi said.

Regarding the investments injected in drinking water and liquid waste projects, they helped to provide drinking water to urban & rural inhabitants, expand and upgrade the sewage networks of the country, underlined the managing director of the state-owned office.


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