Algeria unhappy with UN Secretary General Sahara Envoy nominee

Algeria unhappy with UN Secretary General Sahara Envoy nominee

The Algerian regime has instructed its mouthpieces to criticize the UN Secretary General’s choice for the upcoming Envoy for the Sahara in a move that further reflects Algiers isolation in the international scene.

Pro-military media including El Watan wrote diatribes attacking Antonio Guterres and accusing him of supporting Morocco by choosing former Romanian Prime Minister Petre Roman, whom pro-regime journalists consider as supportive of Morocco.

The position expressed by Algerian pro-regime media shows that Algiers is the main party to the Sahara dispute and that the Polisario is but a puppet whose strings are pulled by the military regime in a desperate attempt to unsettle Morocco.

Algerian media have taken their propaganda to a visual fake news level sending cameramen to show Polisario militiamen firing in the air pretending to be targeting Moroccan positions.

This propagation of fake news takes place as Algeria suffered numerous painful setbacks over the Sahara issue. It woke up to see its voice inaudible and its alliances waning and isolated because of its support for a separatist militia.

Morocco’s successful intervention to reopen the Guerguarat road and extension of the security wall in addition to the US recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over the entirety of the Sahara territory were heavy blows that official Algeria seems to be still reckoning with.

Algeria is now in a delicate position hosting a militia that has withdrawn from a ceasefire agreement brokered by the UN.

The opposition of Algeria and its puppet the Polisario of the future Sahara Envoy will vindicate Morocco and further strengthen its position over the issue and further isolate Algiers.


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