Morocco expects more consulates to open in Sahara

Morocco expects more consulates to open in Sahara

Morocco expects more consulates to open in its southern provinces, the Sahara, as part of an international push in support of Morocco’s territorial integrity.

Within a year so far, 20 nations opened or are planning to open consulates in Dakhla or Laayoune, the latest to inaugurate diplomatic representations in the Sahara Monday Dec.14 were Haiti and Bahrain, Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita said.

Morocco has been scoring major points as it defends its territorial integrity notably after the US proclamation of its recognition of the Kingdom’s sovereignty over the southern provinces and its plan to open a consulate in Dakhla.

Bourita said the US position is a milestone which confirms the strategy ushered by King Mohammed VI to create tangible change in favor of the Moroccan sovereignty over the territory.

The first outcome of the US position is the adoption by the US of maps that show the entire Moroccan territory covering the southern provinces.

“This is not only a proclamation of a position, but rather an assertion of the Moroccan sovereignty over the Sahara by a major power and permanent Security Council member,” he said.

Observers expect the US recognition to be followed by a wave of similar steps by other governments. According to some press reports, the UK is reportedly envisaging to make a similar move.

The US policy shift and the language used in Donald Trump pro-Morocco proclamation draws on UN resolutions which have described Morocco’s autonomy plan as a serious and credible basis for negotiations.

On Saturday, a rally bringing together 35,000 people was held in Laayoune to welcome the great diplomatic victory for Morocco after it won US support.

Similar rallies were held in other cities, including in capital Rabat and in Agadir.


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