EU concerned about growing human rights abuses in Algeria

EU concerned about growing human rights abuses in Algeria

The European Union has voiced again its deep concern about the increasing serious human rights violation committed in Algeria against pro-democracy militants, critics of Algerian regime and peaceful protesters.

In a report published on Tuesday by the EU Commission on the state of EU-Algeria relations, the EU denounced arbitrary detention of Hirak activists, the excessive use of force by the authorities against demonstrators and the restrictions imposed on the exercise of freedom of expression and worship.

The EU recalled in this regard the resolutions adopted in 2019 and 2020 by the European Parliament slamming the repression and attacks on freedoms in the oil-rich country which is crippled by corruption, and ongoing social, economic and political crises.

In these resolutions, the European MPs condemned the systematic violations of human rights in Algeria and the abuses committed against activists and journalists.

The members of the European Parliament had urged EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell to exert pressure on the Algerian authorities to release the Hirak detainees and called for “the emergence of a democratic Algeria ruled by civilians”.


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