Morocco’s RAM to start operating its 737 MAX

Morocco’s RAM to start operating its 737 MAX

The US has given approval for Boeing 737 MAX to fly again and Morocco’s airlines RAM expects to operate the aircraft in 2021.

Medias 24 reported that RAM is waiting for the go-ahead of Morocco’s aviation authority and that of the European Aviation Safety Agency.

RAM has grounded two Boeing 737 MAX for 20 months following the accidents that plagued the Boeing model. RAM has also placed orders for two more Boeing 737 MAX.

However, Medias 24, citing sources from the airline, said RAM has abandoned the order for two more 737 MAX aircrafts amid a context of uncertainty and losses due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition to five 787-8 Dreamliners, RAM has a fleet that includes Boeing 737s, 767s and a 747 jumbojet.

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