Former Tunisian President denounces Algeria’s hostility to Moroccan territorial integrity

Moncef Marzouki, former Tunisian President, denounced Algeria’s hostility to Morocco’s territorial integrity and the obstacles posed by Algiers to the Maghreb edifice.

“We can’t hold 100 million Maghreb citizens hostage because of some 100,000 Sahraoui separatists,” Marzouki said in an interview with the London-based Al Quds Al Arabi.

The former Tunisian President commended Morocco’s autonomy initiative for the Sahara as the only feasible political solution to the Sahara issue and deplored the hostile Algerian position towards this issue.

Marzouki was clear in denouncing Algeria’s support for separatism in southern Morocco and stressed the only feasible political solution to the conflict goes through the Moroccan-Proposed autonomy initiative.


Marzouki also pointed to the hostility shown by the Algerian regime towards his rule because Tunis did not share the same position on the Sahara issue.

So far, Tunisia and Mauritania have adopted a neutral stance after Morocco cleared a vital road that links it to the rest of Africa and which was closed by the Polisario separatists for three weeks.


The former Tunisian President made it clear that the Algerian Hirak has yet to meet its demands for a new Algerian leadership that breaks with the authoritarian regime which has sapped Algerian oil wealth and held the Maghreb Union project at a standstill.

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