Libyan dialogue forum postponed until next week

Libyan dialogue forum postponed until next week

The UN-brokered Libyan Political Dialogue Forum, held in Tunis, has been suspended and slated to resume next week after the participating delegates failed to reach consensus on who will lead the transition process.

Turkish state-run news agency Anadolu, citing some participants aligned with GNA, reported that the talks were reportedly blocked on the grounds that some participants insisted that Akile Saleh — the Speaker of the House of Representatives of Tobruk and an ally of the rival administration — head the Presidential Council during the transition process.

Stephanie Turco Williams, head of the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), announced at a press conference on the closing day of the forum Sunday that “the 10-year conflict cannot be resolved in a week” and announced that the participants will meet again via video conference in a week.


The forum participants have however reportedly agreed on the scope, duties and powers of the future transition administration, which will be composed of three members, each of whom will represent the three regions of Libya, and that the council must make decisions unanimously.


The Forum, attended by  75 people selected by the UN to represent different regions of Libya, also set December 24, 2021 as the date to hold elections that will end the transition period.

“December 24 is Libyan Independence Day, a very important day for Libyans but it will also be a critical day in the history of Libya,” Williams had said in a press conference.

“It will be a time, on which the Libyans can democratically elect their leaders and renew the legitimacy of their institutions.”


Current GNA leader Faiez Serraj agreed to step down after the transitional authority is put in place.


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