Mali: UN Security Council expressed satisfaction over new transitional authorities establishment

Second UN speech in New York about Mali since the August 18 coup d’état. While the Security Council had been quite aloof the first time, aligned with ECOWAS’s demands, it was unanimously more encouraging this time.
In its presidential statement, a statement of the utmost importance by UN standards, the Security Council first of all welcomes the establishment of the new authorities in Mali, as well as the transition charter. It also expressed its satisfaction at the release of all the officials who had been detained so far. It particularly emphasizes the mediation efforts of ECOWAS in the management of this crisis, and notes the lifting of its sanctions.
Finally, the Council encourages both ECOWAS and the African Union to continue to support Mali in the implementation of the roadmap for the transition in the coming months. This is a way of recognizing that an “African problem” is being solved by Africans – a demand that the Council often hears in New York. The 15 members, however, reminded the temporary authorities to adhere to the timetable and reforms they announced in the transition charter – while continuing to implement the 2015 peace and reconciliation agreement.
The fight against terrorism remains its priority: the Council also asked the UN force, MINUSMA, to use its good offices to support the transition.

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