UN 4th Committee: Several Countries Support Political Solution to Sahara Issue

UN 4th Committee: Several Countries Support Political Solution to Sahara Issue

Representatives of several countries have expressed at the United Nations their full support to the sustained efforts made by the UN for the resolution of the Sahara issue, commending Morocco’s “realistic and credible” plan for the settlement of this regional conflict.


Addressing the UN fourth committee currently convening in NY, the delegate of Qatar voiced his country’s firm backing to the efforts engaged by the UN chief for “a lasting and mutually acceptable solution” to the Sahara issue based on the UN relevant resolutions.


He welcomed the autonomy plan offered by Morocco for the peaceful settlement of this issue within the frame of its sovereignty, affirming that the Moroccan initiative remains the basis for reaching a realistic solution to the Sahara dossier.


The Qatari diplomat also called on the UN fourth Committee to adopt a draft resolution that will contribute to advancing the political process engaged by the United Nations to find an enduring solution serving the region’s stability, peace, and development.


For their part, members of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean countries (CELAC) have reaffirmed their strong backing to the efforts made by the UN Secretary General and his Special Envoy towards “a just, lasting and mutually acceptable political solution” to the Sahara conflict.


In a statement read out by the permanent representative of Mexico on their behalf, the CELAC member countries renewed support to the multilateral efforts for holding more negotiations between the parties under the UN Secretary General and his Special envoy auspices “to achieve a definitive solution to this long standing situation”.


The delegate of Paraguay also reiterated support for the ongoing process under the aegis of the United Nations aimed at reaching a political settlement to the Sahara regional conflict.


“Paraguay supports the ongoing political process, under the aegis of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, on the basis of the relevant Security Council resolutions, including resolution N 2494 adopted in October 2019, which highlights the need to reach a realistic and lasting political solution based on compromise,” said the representative of this South American country.

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