COVID-19: Morocco closes temporarily 229 schools

COVID-19: Morocco closes temporarily 229 schools

To prevent the spread of coronavirus and keep students safe, Moroccan authorities have decided to shut down temporarily in-person learning in 229 schools as a precautionary measure in line with WHO safety health guidelines.

According to education minister Said Amzazi, the decision was made after 1,708 students, 1,767 teachers, 289 school administrators and 187 staff tested positive for Covid-19 in some twenty provinces.

During the current academic year, over 8.7 million Moroccan students, including 776,409 newly enrolled in primary schools, have resumed their schooling in-person or remotely.

During the covid-19 lockdown, education continued online in Morocco where over half million primary and secondary schools students used daily TelmidTICE website, which offers 3000 courses covering a wide variety of subjects including science, mathematics…

In the North African Kingdom, the virus has so far sickened 160,333 people, killed 2,726 while 133,959 others recovered.

To secure early access to covid-19 vaccines, the Moroccan health department has signed lately deals with Chinese Sinopharm biotech group and AstraZenica pharmaceutical company.

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