Polisario’s frauds & scams scandal exposed by UN Chief

Polisario’s frauds & scams scandal exposed by UN Chief

The scams operated by the Algeria-backed Polisario group at the United Nations have been exposed by the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in his latest report to the Security Council on the Sahara.

In their elaborate schemes to deceive the international community after the series of diplomatic setbacks suffered by the separatists and their Algerian supporters, the Polisario crooks pose as a foreign representative to the UN to build support for the secessionists under false pretenses.

In his report, the UN chief cites the case of the Polisario representative in New York, who has been caught red-handed impersonating diplomats accredited to the UN body. He alerted diplomatic missions posted to the United Nations that the separatist swindler does not hold UN credentials, which are given only to legitimate diplomatic representatives of UN member States.

This is not the first time that the UN chief refers to the Polisario real status to remove any ambiguity, saying that the Polisario member is a simple resident in NY with no diplomatic status.

This deals a new blow to the Polisario and its Algerian supporters, while the Security Council is expected to renew this month the mandate of the MINURSO, which expires on 31 October.

Prior to that, the Council receives briefings on MINURSO and on the situation in the Sahara which is “calm” and which “remains unchanged”, according to the UN chief report despite the desperate efforts and plots hatched by the separatists to block the southern Moroccan Guerguerat crossing point and provocative actions to spark tension in the region, threatening peace and stability of North Africa, the Sahel and the Mediterranean regions.

In addition to its dangerous connections to jihadists, terror networks and drugs dealers, the Polisario group is notorious for its oppression, corruption, lies, scams and frauds which have been denounced by several UN agencies and EU in New York, Geneva, Rome and Brussels.

The European Union’s Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) has revealed in a report “well-organized, years-long” embezzlement by the Polisario leaders of humanitarian aid sent for Sahrawis sequestered in Tindouf camps, Southern Algeria.

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