Google to provide over $4m-support package to thousands of companies in MENA region

US tech giant Google has announced a $4.1 million financial support for thousands of companies in the Middle East and North African region to help them enhance their online presence, Reuters reports.


The company said $1.1 million of the assistance will be in the form of grant, to help businesses in the region improve their digital skills and get them online.


The remaining $3 million will be distributed as loans across the region with $2 million going to Egypt.


The support comes as the region is witnessing an increase in online consumption as people stay home because of the covid-19 pandemic. The shift is however causing a collapse of several businesses, putting millions of jobs at risk.


One million businesses or individuals in the region would get help to improve their digital skills to find jobs or get businesses online by the end of 2021.


The company also said it would provide $9 million in advertising credits and grants to support businesses and governments in the MENA region.

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