Influential French Senator lauds Morocco’s positive input for resolution of Libyan conflict

Influential French Senator lauds Morocco’s positive input for resolution of Libyan conflict

Christian Cambon, chairman of the Foreign Affairs, Defense and Armed Forces committee at the French Senate, has praised the important contributions made by Morocco for the peaceful resolution of the Libyan conflict.

Mr. Cambon, who also chairs the France-Morocco inter-parliamentary friendship group, has praised the key role played by the North African Kingdom for the opening of a new round of inter-Libyan dialogue in Bouznika (Morocco) gathering representatives from the Libyan High Council of State, which supports the internationally recognized government, and the Tobruk-based parliament, backed by rebel Gen. Khalifa Haftar.

“This 3rd round of inter-Libyan talks, held at the initiative of Morocco, made significant progress as the ceasefire continues to hold and a comprehensive consensus has been reached on requirements needed for holding sovereign positions”, added the French senator, member of Les Republicains party.

The two rival Libyan delegations, meeting in Bouznika, pledged to continue negotiations to find a peaceful and lasting solution to the political crisis in their country, underlined Mr. Cambon, noting that a rapid settlement of this conflict will help stabilize the whole Sahel region where French and African forces are engaged in the fight against jihadists.


He recalled the agreement reached by the Libyan belligerents in 2015 in the Moroccan city of Skhirat, under the UN aegis, which resulted in the establishment of the Government of National Union (GNA).

Acting UN envoy to Libya Stephanie Williams has also paid tribute to Morocco for its efforts to facilitate dialogue between the Libyan parties.

Besides the inter-Libyan dialogue currently held in Bouzkina, other international initiatives are being carried out within the framework of the United Nations, including meetings in Switzerland, Cairo and Berlin to help Libyans reach a peaceful and enduring political solution and build a democratic state.

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