UN High Commissioner for Refugees commends Morocco’s respect of refugees & migrants rights

UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Philippo Grandi, hailed on Tuesday cooperation ties with Morocco, commending the Kingdom’s commitment and full respect of the rights of refugees and migrants.


“I thank Morocco and I am pleased with the quality of cooperation with the Moroccan authorities, which continue to manage a large population of refugees and migrants, while fully respecting their fundamental rights” said Mr. Grandi.


Commenting the remarks made by Morocco’s Ambassador & Permanent Representative in Geneva during the 71st Session of the Executive Committee of the UNHCR Program on the violation of the basic rights of Sahrawis sequestered in the polisario controlled camps of Tindouf, Southern Algeria, the UN High Commissioner said he took note of the statement made by the Moroccan diplomat who also decried Algeria’s refusal to conduct a census of the Sahrawis of Tindouf in violation of international principles and rules.


“In this regard, I hope that there will be progress at the political level of this protracted situation, in which the UNHCR has been engaged for decades”, said the UN official.


Cooperation between UNHCR and Morocco enabled refugees and asylum seekers to have full access to health and education, vocational training, self-employment and access to the labor market.


This cooperation also enabled to make a comprehensive assessment of the socio-economic impact of COVID-19 on refugees, and facilitate their access to special health care.

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