Morocco’s farm exports grow 8% in 2020

Morocco’s farm exports grow 8% in 2020

Morocco’s farm exports rose 8% in 2019-2020 season to 40 billion dirhams ($4 bln) despite a difficult context marked by a severe drought in some key exporting regions and the surge of the COVID-19 outbreak and its disruption of global supply chains, the agriculture ministry said.

This performance shows the resilience and competitiveness of Morocco’s farm sector, which managed to effectively wither the double impact of the lack of rainfall and the pandemic.

Compared to 2010, exports jumped 130% as Morocco implements sector-based strategies that aim at boosting the agricultural added value, promote exports, and save irrigation water.

Vegetables exports rose 12%, tomatoes 5%, red fruits 22%, watermelons 44% and citrus fruits 26%.

Amid the rising demand on Vitamin C, needed for anti-COVID-19 treatment, Morocco expects more citrus exports.

The 2020-2021 export season seems promising as Morocco’s sales are expected to increase 10%.


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