Moroccan School wins Grand Prix, four Medals at IWA 2020

Moroccan School wins Grand Prix, four Medals at IWA 2020

The Moroccan School of Engineering Sciences (EMSI) again stands out in the field of innovation. The institution, thanks to its research laboratories, won the Grand Prize and four gold medals at the Africa Innovation Week (IWA-2020).

The four flagship inventions rewarded are “Genius water pipeline for buildings”; “Smart Micro-wind for Highway”; “Smart Hospital Management”; and “Smart Sterilizer System and Distributor of Hygienic Products SMART-DPH”.

The event kicked off on September 8 and will continue through December 19. At the end of each week of the competition, the organizers announce prizewinners.

The gold medalist, “Genius water pipeline for buildings”, aims to provide positive electrical energy to buildings through a hybrid system composed of three blocks allowing for the collection, transformation, and exploitation of hydropower.

The same Moroccan innovation earned a silver medal at Asianinvent (AiSG), Singapore’s international innovation competition, in May.

EMSI’s “Smart Hospital Management”, which also earned a gold medal, is an intelligent hospital management ecosystem designed for patients in critical situations. The design ensures follow-up with the patients through the creation of an efficient and secure digital medical file, which promotes exchanges, archiving, and medical summaries for better monitoring and real-time decision-making by doctors.

The Moroccan engineering school said the innovation contributes significantly to improving patient safety and the quality of care while increasing efficiency and improving the day-to-day functioning of healthcare facilities. The same invention took home a bronze medal from AiSG.

The “Smart Micro-wind for Highway”, a system of micro-wind turbines with vertical axis for the production of electrical energy by the road air current, earned IWA 2020’s Grand Prix and a gold medal. The EMSI invention offers a source of electrical energy at motorways and other roads through a two-type wind turbine system that allows for the transformation and exploitation of the energy of air currents.

The invention also won a gold medal at AiSG.

The SMART-DPH invention earned EMSI its fourth gold medal. The invention is an intelligent sterilizer capable of distributing sanitary products in an automatic and intelligent way.

SMART-DPH’s adaptive, intelligent industrial form allows for the distribution of hygiene products in a “fun and controllable way,” EMSI said. The system’s intelligence facilitates the tracking and distribution of sanitary products.

SMART-DPH aims to protect individuals against the spread of pandemics such as COVID-19 by making hygienic products accessible and safe.

The system protects individuals and their families and colleagues by distributing sanitary products with each exit and entry into a professional or personal environment.

EMSI’s gold medals add to the school’s long list of accolades. The Moroccan engineering school has won 75 distinctions at major competitions and innovations fairs, both nationally and internationally.

IWA 2020 took place remotely in Morocco under the patronage of the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA). EMSI Group and OFEED, a Moroccan science school, organized the competition in tandem with the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM) and Oxford Business Group.


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