COVID-19: Morocco aims a transmission rate below one

COVID-19: Morocco aims a transmission rate below one

The health ministry said it aims to lower the COVID-19 transmission rate to below 1 from 1.11 currently as total cases surged to 90324.

The transmission rate is a key measure for how fast the virus is growing referring to the average number of people who become infected by an infectious person.

Over the last few days, Morocco has been registering more than 2000 cases with 17,629 active cases so far.

Critical cases stood at 263 and 58 people are under artificial respiration, according to health ministry figures.

Morocco has renewed a health emergency decree until October 10 and has imposed restrictions in areas with high infections in addition to distance learning.

Meanwhile, Morocco has reinforced its testing capacity allowing 18 private laboratories to perform COVID-19 testing. So far, the country has tested 2.3 million people.


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