Morocco: Over half Covid-19 deaths reported in August

Morocco: Over half Covid-19 deaths reported in August

The coronavirus tally took an upsurge in August accounting for 60% of deaths and 54% of total infections, the health ministry said.

The number of infections rose to 77 per 100,000 people by August 23, putting Morocco in the 49th spot as most affected country globally.

With 1.8 million tests conducted so-far, Morocco is ranked 31st and the second in Africa as laboratories increase their capacity.


On Tuesday, total coronavirus cases rose to 54,628 cases, including 955 deaths and 38293 recoveries. The recovery rate stands at 70.2% while the death rate at 1.7%.

So far, 171 cases are in a critical condition including 32 under artificial respiration.

Morocco has tightened measures to enforce implementation of protective measures closing beaches and infected neighborhoods while imposing fines on those who fail to wear facemasks.

Public schools will apply distance learning starting from September as a potential return to a full lockdown looms amid a surge in daily cases.


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