Beirut explosion victims start receiving Moroccan assistance

Beirut explosion victims start receiving Moroccan assistance

The families affected by the tragic explosion in Beirut port started receiving the food and medical assistance extended by Morocco.

The distribution operation started Friday in the presence of Moroccan Ambassador to Lebanon M’hammed Grine, Lebanese officials and representatives of civil society.

The humanitarian aid sent upon orders from King Mohammed VI includes vital emergency medicine, foodstuff, canned food, grains, powder milk…, etc. It also comprises tents and blankets to shelter the stricken population of the city where at least 300,000 are forced to leave their homes.

The assistance included anti-covid equipment such as facemasks, face shields, medicine, protective gear and hand sanitizers.

Morocco also set up a field hospital to treat blast stricken population of the city where hundreds lost their lives and scores were injured as rescue services struggle to pull survivors from debris.

The field hospital is run by 100 medics including 14 doctors from different specialties such as intensive care, surgery, trauma, and neurology. The hospital is equipped with intensive care units, radiology, laboratories and a pharmacy.

The massive explosion at a port warehouse loaded with 2,750 metric tons of ammonium nitrate killed at least 171 people and injured nearly 6000.

Lebanese authorities arrested port and customs officials and launched an investigation into the devastating blast.

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