Throne Day: King Mohammed VI Grants Pardon to 1,446 Convicts

King Mohammed VI has granted pardon to 1,446 convicts on the eve of Throne Day, which marks this year the 21st anniversary of the Monarch’s enthronement.

A press release from the Ministry of Justice announced on Wednesday that the list of the beneficiaries from the royal pardon includes convicts in detention and others on provisional release.

The list includes inmates who received pardon over the remaining of their prison term, prisoners who had their prison terms reduced, and convicts who saw their sentences commuted from death penalty to life imprisonment, or life imprisonment to fixed prison terms.

Some convicts benefited from pardon over their imprisonment terms whereas their fines were maintained. Other convicts saw their fines canceled, while a dozen others benefited from both pardon over their prison terms and cancelation of their fines.

The King usually grants free pardon to inmates and convicts on religious and national celebrations.

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