Morocco: Some districts of Tangier re-locked down to contain Covid-19 infections

Morocco: Some districts of Tangier re-locked down to contain Covid-19 infections

Moroccan authorities have decided lately to seal off some districts of the Northern city of Tangier following a surge of local positive cases of the coronavirus.

The move comes to contain the spread of infections, said the interior ministry in a press release. Under the lockdown measures, the residents of the tangier zones with high number of infected people are not allowed to leave home unless they receive an authorization from local authorities to buy food, medicines or go to work. They should wear facemasks, respect social distancing and take all necessary precaution measures.

Local hammams (public baths), sports halls, stadiums… have all been closed temporarily until further notice, while markets, shopping centers, cafés, parks…close doors as of 08:00PM.

This is not the case in other Moroccan cities where the lockdown has been lifted, while respecting safety guidelines as the Moroccan Govt has extended by one month the state of health emergency until August 10 to keep up the efforts deployed in the country against the coronavirus pandemic.

The North African Kingdom is divided into a zone where people could go out without permit and an area with a stricter control. Regions and cities with high infection cases apply tougher anti-covid measures.

According to Moroccan health minister Khalid Ait Taleb, the epidemiological situation in the country is stable, and the majority of affected people are asymptomatic.

Despite the lifting of restriction measures, the fatality rate remained low, he added noting that the increase in the number of positive cases is due to the massive screening and the monitoring of contact persons.

In Morocco, the virus has so far infected over 15,745 people and killed 250, while more than 12,283 others recovered.


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