Morocco sets up field hospital to treat strawberry Covid-19 cluster

Morocco has set up a field hospital in Lalla Mimouna near Kenitra to treat hundreds of coronavirus cases who were infected in a hotspot linked to strawberry farms and packaging plants.

On Friday, the country recorded 457 cases in that cluster, the biggest single day number of infections since the country declared its first case on March 2.

Health services are still testing contact cases to contain the contagion in the area.

Authorities have tightened the lockdown in the area with high infections as it plans easing it in most of the country save in Asilh, Kenitra, Tangier, Larache and Marrakech.

Transport minister said that inter-city travel would resume on Thursday, in an easing move that would help restore normalcy after a lockdown that has been in force since March 20.

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