Travel Daily News puts Morocco on top of vacation destinations in Post-Pandemic Period

Travel Daily News puts Morocco on top of vacation destinations in Post-Pandemic Period

Travel Daily News portal has put Morocco on top of vacation destinations for the post COVID-19 pandemic period, outlining the country’s tourism assets.

In an article published on Wednesday, the travel and tourism portal pointed out that Morocco is a top tourist destination that is blessed by nature, with its wonderful coastline, mountains and its position as a gateway to the Sahara desert.

In Morocco, one can visit the Roman ruins in Volubilis and explore the High Atlas Mountains or Rif mountains, “where you can hike or trek among nature”, it pointed out.

“You can surf or swim in the water in Essaouira, a quiet sleepy coastal town. Or you can surf in the dunes, trek on camels or just enjoy a night out in the Sahara desert in camps,” the portal noted.

The travel portal also underlined the magic of Marrakech Medina, saying that while Marrakech is mobilizing to attract domestic tourists to its sprawling medina (old city) and adjacent deserts, foreign visitors should also set their sights on the ochre city. Travel Daily News recommends souvenir hunting in the Marrakech medina, where “you can actually bargain and the traders will not frown down upon it.”

Tourists should also consider the economic hub of Casablanca, “which has featured in many Hollywood movies.” The best destination in the busy city is the iconic Hassan II Mosque, according to the outlet: “If not for praying, just to look at the wonderful architecture, which took more than 10,000 artisans to complete.”

The maze-like streets of Fez that snake through Morocco’s largest medina are great for more adventurous tourists who are not afraid of getting lost. Fez is generously endowed with gorgeous Moroccan architecture, the article noted, highlighting the intricately carved doors that can make for great social media photo ops.

Aside from the go-to tourist hotspots, Travel News Daily suggests visitors consider the Ouzoud Falls near Marrakech, which are the second tallest waterfall in Africa, making the cascades “one of the most famous spots in Morocco.”

The outlet says foreigners can easily travel to the waterfalls from Marrakech without a guide, but tour operators can also arrange a visit to the cascades for a fun day trip.
To the north, the Caves of Hercules at Cape Spartel are popular among tourists as they invoke the mystery and excitement of Roman mythology, the portal suggests.

“Legend has it that Hercules slept in the cave before he did his 11th labor, getting apples from the Hesperides garden,” the outlet says.

The portal underscored that the corona virus pandemic has impacted all industrial sectors, but that tourism has taken the brunt of it all because of the lockdown measures.

Nobody knows when they can travel safely, if at all, but the tourism industry is optimistic that people will start travelling once the initial scare of the pandemic wears off, or if vaccines are manufactured soon, the outlet stated.

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