Sahara: Polisario malicious propaganda & ploys against Morocco doomed to failure

Sensing their end is approaching after suffering successive international diplomatic setbacks in the Sahara issue and running out of excuses for failing to end the scathing living conditions of the sequestered Sahrawis in the Tindouf camps, the Polisario leaders are pulling their last rabbits from their hat hoping to continue their pointless show.

In a bid to survive and maintain their grip over the despairing Sahrawis population, Brahim Ghali, the Polisario chief and his lieutenants, resort to lies, deceit and disinformation to keep the lid on a highly volatile situation in the desert-locked camps lacking drinking water, food, medicines, protective gear against covid-19…

With the help of the Algerian propaganda machine, the separatist imposters claim, from time to time, some political gains in their lost cause to divert the attention of the oppressed local Sahrawis who are increasingly with disillusioned with the polisario leadership after chasing an elusive dream for more than four decades.

In the current connected world, the old tricks pulled by the polisario fraudsters are no longer working and nobody is still gullible enough to fall for their fake stories cooked up by their Algerian puppeteers.

Worst, one of their latest hoaxes was quickly outed and exposed by Yemen’s Ambassador to Malaysia who denied he ever said the hostile remarks published lately by a pro-polisario web site on the Moroccan Sahara.
Mr. Hussein Adel Ba Hamid has belied the statement attributed to him by “El Portal Diplomatico”.

“I read the false remarks attributed to me in El Portal Diplomatico on Moroccan Sahara”, wrote the Yemeni diplomat in his twitter account.
He strongly condemned such fake news and the plotters who are sowing division among the “Ummah” through making up bogus news reports.

“We support and continue to support the Moroccanness of the Sahara and defend the territorial integrity of Morocco”, affirmed the Yemeni envoy dealing a hard blow to the secessionists who are stuck in their little warped world.

The same supportive stand was voiced by Yemeni ambassador to Morocco Ezzeddine Al-Asbahi. He said that his country defends the unity and stability of the Ummah, recalling in this regard Yemen’s clear and constant stand backing Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara.

Last month, the Polisario chief tried to polish his image by pretending that he received a congratulatory cable from Mauritanian president, Mohamed Ould Cheikh El Ghazouani, on the occasion of Eid Al fitr. This is “the mother of all lies” by a man who is suffering from inferiority complex and desperately tries to claim a stature that is bigger than his.

A quick fact checking and a simple search in the official Mauritanian News Agency wire show that the President El Ghazouani never sent such a message to the Polisario chief who tries by all means to fool the sequestered Sahrawis.

The league of haters of Morocco’s territorial integrity is spearheaded by the Algerian News Agency (APS), mouthpiece of the Algerian authorities, which dusted off lately an old report published by the research services of the German parliament (Bundestag) on Moroccan Sahara.

The document was blown out of its proportion and used to fuel and trumpet a hostile campaign against Morocco’s territorial integrity amid a global health crisis sweeping the world.

However, this orchestrated hostile propaganda did not hold for long or affected the North African Kingdom. On the contrary, all these attacks funded by the Algerian petrodollars only made Morocco more resilient and stronger, standing firm on its grounds, unified and emboldened by its diversity, tolerance and openness.

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