Morocco denies establishment of military base near Algerian border

Morocco denies establishment of military base near Algerian border

Morocco’s army has denied claims it is building a military base near its eastern border with Algeria, saying it is only planning the building of a military barracks.

“The Royal Armed Forces, as part of a global relocation project of military barracks with the aim of liberating urban land, across the kingdom, is building a military barracks in Jerada,” the army said in statement.

The barracks does not have the size of a military base and will not be used for operations, as suggested by media reports, the army also indicated.
This barracks is located 38 kilometers from the eastern border of the Kingdom… other barracks, established for a long time, occupy a similar location regarding the border line, the army said, indicating the facility will accommodate troops.

The statement debunks several media reports in both countries, claiming the construction of a new air base following a land expropriation decree by head of the Moroccan government.

Relations between the two countries have significantly deteriorated over the past few months.

Last month, Algeria summoned the kingdom’s ambassador after Morocco’s consul in Oran, reportedly referred to Algeria as “country enemy” when he was addressing a group of Moroccan nationals stranded in Algeria.

Earlier to that incident, Morocco condemned a military drill by the Algerian army near its borders while using live rounds.

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