Covid-19: Morocco unveils lockdown exit strategy on May 18

Covid-19: Morocco unveils lockdown exit strategy on May 18

The Moroccan government will unveil on May 18 at the House of Representatives its exit strategy from the coronavirus lockdown, which was decreed on March 20 for one month and extended by another month till May 20.
During the parliamentary monthly session, the Head of Govt. will explain to MPs the government’s plan for lifting the lockdown, enforced since March 20 to prevent the spread of the covid-19 pandemic.

In Morocco, the virus has infected 5,548 people, and killed 183 while 2,179 others recovered, according to latest data released by the Health Ministry this Thursday afternoon.

Several European news outlets and worldwide leaders have commended the swift actions and wise decisions taken by King Mohammed VI to curb the spread of deadly virus.

The precautionary measures combined with the lockdown helped Morocco contain the coronavirus outbreak and cut infections by 85 pc, said health minister Khalid Ait Taleb.

The end of the confinement should be accompanied by precautionary measures because the virus is “unpredictable”, he warned.

Morocco’s major European partners, including France, Spain, Italy and Germany are all relaxing some of their restrictions. However, the reopening in Europe is slower and some restrictions will remain in place for weeks or even months, such as wearing face masks in public places and social distancing.

The lifting of the lockdown will certainly ease pressure on economies but the partial reopening means we are still far from business as usual.

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