Coronavirus: Morocco’s air improves, accidents drop during lockdown

Coronavirus: Morocco’s air improves, accidents drop during lockdown

The confinement imposed to curb coronavirus infections have led to a drop in air pollution and car accidents across the country, authorities said.

Morocco started a lockdown on March 20 that was extended to May 20 limiting movement to necessities with only one member in every household allowed to shop. Working from home has been encouraged except for people working in critical facilities.

Pollution dropped by up to 60%, Morocco’s weather agency said, ascribing this air quality improvement to a drop in car use and a suspension of many industrial units’ activity.

In the same vein, the stay at home measures led to a decrease in car accidents by 76.5% during the confinement period, according to the Moroccan police.

Morocco is expected to uncover its confinement easing plan on Monday with many officials hinting that it will be a gradual process to curb contagions.

Morocco has confirmed 5505 coronavirus cases and reported a rise in recoveries to 2124 while deaths stood at 183 mostly patients with underlying medical conditions.

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