Morocco part of an international coalition seeking solutions to the coronavirus impacts

Morocco part of an international coalition seeking solutions to the coronavirus impacts

Morocco is part of a group of 13 countries that are examining ways of coordinating actions in the fields of health, trade, free exchange, tourism and economic and financial measures in a bid to reduce the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

The group, including Britain, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, Peru, Singapore, South Korea, and Turkey has called for global cooperation to discuss practical solutions to reduce the economic impact of the Corona virus.

In a joint statement Saturday, the 13-member group called for global cooperation to lessen the economic impact of the pandemic, reported AP news agency.

“It is vital that we work together to save lives and livelihoods,” they said.

The group said it was committed to “work with all countries to coordinate on public health, travel, trade, economic and financial measures in order to minimize disruptions and recover stronger.”

This includes maintaining “air, land and marine transportation links” to ensure the continued flow of goods including medical equipment and aid, and the return home of travelers, they said.

Coordination between these countries began in March, i.e. few weeks after the spread of the pandemic, and Morocco was the only representative of the African continent before being joined by South Africa under the umbrella of the rotating presidency of the African Union, reported Moroccan online news outlet Hespress.

The group held so far six meetings via video conference, at the initiative of Canada, which insisted on the participation of Morocco to benefit from its experience in the management of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Hespress, the meetings are held at the level of foreign ministers on Friday every week, while senior officials of the same countries meet on Tuesdays to coordinate their actions and share their experiences in managing the situation.

Morocco shared with this international coalition its successful experience in coping with the repercussions of Corona, led by King Mohammed VI, who is also endeavoring to find solutions to the repercussions of the crisis on the African continent.

The Monarch’s initiative to confront Corona in Africa, which had won the admiration of African countries, was presented to the international coalition, said Hespress.

The group praised the royal initiative, especially that it is not the first of its kind, as it was preceded by several others in the sectors of migration, climate and development, said the news outlet. The group also hailed the proactive measures announced by King Mohammed VI to deal with the Corona epidemic.

In a bid to unify Africa’s response to covid-19, King Mohammed VI has proposed lately the launch of an initiative by African Heads of State aimed at supporting African countries in their fight against coronavirus pandemic.

The Moroccan Sovereign made the proposal during phone talks he held with presidents of Côte d’Ivoire Alassane Dramane Ouattara, and of Senegal Macky Sall.

The royal initiative, which seeks to bring Africans together against this global health crisis, seeks to enhance the exchange of experiences and good practices to cope with the health, economic and social impact of the pandemic.

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