Covid-19: Confirmed cases nearing 3,000 in Morocco

Covid-19: Confirmed cases nearing 3,000 in Morocco

The Moroccan health ministry announced on Monday 135 new positive cases of coronavirus, bringing the total of confirmed COVID-19 cases to 2,990.

Thirteen new recoveries were reported the same day in the North African Kingdom, bringing the total number of patients who recovered from the infection to 340, while the daily death toll has risen by 2 to stand currently at 143 fatalities since the start of the outbreak.

The Moroccan health authorities continue to urge people to respect protection rules and follow hygiene guidelines to reduce contamination risks.

Morocco has extended by another month the coronavirus lockdown to last till May 20 to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. Moroccans are only allowed to go out to buy food or medicine, and to staff some key jobs. Schools, mosques, non-essential industrial units and shops and entertainment venues have all been closed.

Moroccan authorities have made wearing masks mandatory. Flouters of the lockdown rules risk prison terms from one to three months and fines of up to $ 127. In some cities, drones are used to spot the contraveners.

The country has been paying wages to those unable to work and deferred taxes and loans for small businesses to ease the economic pain related to the lockdown measures. The country’s economic growth is expected to drop by 3.7 pc in 2020, according to the IMF’s forecasts.

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