Libya: former Prime Minister dies of Coronavirus in Egypt

Mahmoud Jibril, a former Premier has died in Egypt where he hospitalized after he tested positive for covid-19 in March, reports say.
Jibril’s party, National Forces Alliance, founded in 2012, announced his death Sunday.
The 68-year old man led National Transitional Council, the de facto Libyan government during the months-long NATO-backed revolution that removed and killed former country’s strongman Muammar Gaddafi, in 2011.
He resigned after the revolution in October 2011 after Gaddafi was killed in his hometown of Sirte. Jibril prior to the revolution, he worked under the Gaddafi regime serving as head of the National Economic Development Board.
Libya has at least 17 confirmed cases of the fast spreading disease. It also announced last week at its first death of outbreak which has spread to at least countries and regions across the world with overall infection hitting over 1.2 million.

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