COVID-19: Morocco to compensate 700,000 private sector workers hit by confinement

After Morocco imposed a confinement to contain the coronavirus outbreak, some 700,000 workers in 113,000 companies whose activity came to a halt will receive 1000 dirhams in March and 2000 for the next three months, Labor Minister Mohamed Amekraz said.

He said the employees affiliated to the pension fund CNSS will return to their job once normalcy is established after the confinement.

The employees will receive payments from the fund that was set up at the order of King Mohammed to upgrade hospitals, mitigate economic and social impact of coronavirus and keep jobs.

The same beneficiaries will continue to receive family allocations during this period, the minister said.

As for households whose head is not affiliated to the CNSS and who had to stop economic activity during the confinement, they will receive stipends ranging from 800 to 1200 dirhams depending on the household members.

Morocco has also offered companies easy loan access as well as tax and loan deferral to help them survive this crisis.

Total coronavirus cases in Morocco rose on Thursday at around 6:00 pm to 691, including 44 deaths and 30 recoveries, as the confinement is planned to be eased on April 20.

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